LaClaire Style

One of a kind handmade items you won't find anywere else

LaClaire Style

One of a kind handmade items you won't find anywere else



Sustainable. Functional.

The Deets

What. Why. Where.


The items that you will find here have come to be because of my need to make things with my own two hands. My drive to create has never been connected to wanting to sell those things and yet, what is a girl to do with all of the pieces that are birthed from her creative expressions? 

My emphasis in being respectful to the planet and the creatures that reside on it is reflectived in all the pieces that I make. My favorite source of fabric is FabScrap. I make regular trips to the warehouse in Brooklyn Army Terminal  to volunteer my time in exchange for resued fabrics. I have created a plethora of things from the fabrics and fixings that I have unearthed there including the lining for my custom wedding dress, wedding favors, face masks, headbands, tassels, caftans, pillows (the list goes on and on). 

I make things in my 'office' a small room in my house in Brooklyn. I'm just as likely to be working outside on a nice day but so far my sewing machine hasn't made it into the garden, yet. 

What I sell


In July 2018 I got married. That's not the important part of the story. I made a white and blue caftan for my day of preparations becuse I could not find the syle of garment that I really wanted to wear that day. Many of the women in my life who saw me that day admired the garment. I live in NYC. A caftan is not something one normally wanders around in but it is such a comfortable and funtional design, I decided that could and should change. Then coronavirus hit and we are all locked in our homes but still wanting to wear something presentable for video calls. I knew I already had the answer, and a mini collection ready to go...